Water Equity &
Water Security 
are  Attainable

Connecting philanthropic capital to water infrastructure


The WaterFunder Donor Advised Fund Program has a mandate to financially support broadly defined water infrastructure projects. We will consider drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, recycled water, water storage and distribution projects in various stages of planning and development. Our goal is to accelerate the process and end the anxiety and social injustice of not having a safe and dependable source of water. The Program streamlines measurable and repeatable corporate charitable investments into vulnerable communities.

Adding water to environmental, social and governance plans

Pillars of Water Equity

  1. To have access to safe, clean, affordable drinking water and wastewater services.

  2. To share in the economic, social, and environmental benefits of water systems

  3. To be resilient in the face of floods, drought, (fire), and other climate risks.


Aligned Solutions & Priorities 

The contributors to business valuation losses due to water risks are similar to the environmental and societal threats facing vulnerable communities.


The solutions to both water inequity and water insecurity are aligned and complimentary.  WaterFunder's advisory services connect these stakeholders for win|win solutions.

Water Security Risks to Communities & Companies

  1. Increased water stress

  2. Flooding

  3. Increased water scarcity

  4. Drought

  5. Declining water quality

  6. Severe weather events

  7. Regulation of discharges

  8. Seasonal variability

  9. Higher water prices

  10. Rationing of municipal water supply

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