The WaterFunder Donor Advised Fund Program  
Philanthropic Capital Bridging the Funding & Financing Gap


The WaterFunder Donor Advised Fund (DAF) Program is an evergreen revolving-debt and grant solution designed to meet water infrastructure development needs of disadvantaged communities in the United States and its territories.  


The DAF Program distributes pooled contributions [link to contribution page] from existing Donor Advised Fund assets sourced from Individuals, Family Offices, Corporations, Foundations, Private Funds. 

The  DAF Program has a mandate to financially support broadly defined water infrastructure projects. We will consider drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, recycled water, water storage and distribution projects in various stages of planning and development. Our goal is to accelerate the process and end the anxiety and social injustice of not having a safe and dependable source of water. Public, private, non profit organizations are encouraged to apply.

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Arthine Cossey van Duyne

Arthine is a growth strategist with 20 years of experience planning and implementing international expansions for tech and financial services companies. She studied Economics at University California at Davis and has an MBA from the Institute of Management Development (IMD) in Switzerland. Arthine is a US Army Reserves veteran with experience in disaster recovery of economic systems, data science, translation, and intelligence collection and analysis.

Arthine has a passion for water and began mentoring water technology companies in 2007. In 2015 she launched WaterFunder, LLC, a strategic consulting firm, to accelerate the rebuild of water infrastructure in small, rural, tribal, and economically distressed communities. In 2019, she joined Montcalm as their COO, to guide their growth and impact investment strategies.

Arthine serves on the finance and small systems committees for AWWA and is a Board Advisor for The Freshwater Trust, Aquastry and Infrashares.

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Kristin Cooper Carter

Kristin Cooper Carter established Grant Management Associates, a federally recognized Women-Owned, State Certified Small Business in California that specializes in funding identification, grant development, technical writing courses, and strategic planning for corporations, nonprofits and municipalities. Grant Management Associates (GMA) utilizes teams of professionals that specialize in: grant writing - grant funding research, opportunity analysis, application development, budgets and grant management.

GMA has broad experience with integrated resources planning projects and water management throughout California, including projects in stormwater, biowaste, wastewater and associated areas. On our website you will see dozens of the many grants we have won for agencies up and down the state. See awarded grants.

 As the owner of GMA, I am proud to point out that I am also the co-owner of a water testing and treatment company.  We are hold both the Treatment and Distribution (T2/D2) certifications from the State of California.  We have many years of experience with both surface water and groundwater issues. GMA has written successful grant applications in support of water infrastructure, ground water issues, water quality and quantity projects and with our water business we are very familiar water mains, tanks and treatment plant processes and equipment.

Fund Management | The Donor Sponsor

The SDG Impact Fund is only one of 4 (of over 3000) Donor Advised Funds, and is the only Donor Advised Fund created by, and who’s executive director is, African American. With a combined track record of nearly a century of fundraising and capital leadership, our team has built trusted relationships around the globe across the key collective impact areas critical to achieving the 17 Global Goals. We have served in every continent at the highest levels of philanthropy and hybrid and creative financing; frontier and digital technology deployment; innovation, incubation and ecosystems delivery; creative storytelling and media; and network and systems facilitation and design for regenerative impact solutions at global, regional, and local levels.

 Our team has campaign experience with capital projects, hybrid financial structuring, grant writing, mobile giving, annual giving, planned giving, major giving, principal giving, and board and governance development for some of the world’s most respected nonprofits, impact investing and development entities, corporations, government and academic institutions, and private families and individuals. Working across diverse multi-stakeholder and complex fundraising and hybrid finance campaigns has enabled our team at SDGIF to master a wide range of transformative charitable financing and giving strategies, and to build a community of trusted expertise and collaboration around the world.

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