Philanthropic Capital Program

Bridging the Funding & Financing Gap

Many US water and  sewer systems are beyond their life expectancy and the estimated replacement cost is $150 billion. There is a strong precedent for water system operators to rely on complex stacks of rate-payer, State and Federal funding to rebuild critical infrastructure. In the current enviro-political landscape, this mélange of government funding will fall short of what is needed to update and rebuild the infrastructure  


The application process and pathway to an award of government funding or low cost financing is time consuming and expensive.  Many distressed communities fail to qualify because they can’t start the process. For small and rural utilities, there is little training or institutional flexibility to explore and adopt other approaches or sources. For this reason, many US  communities fall into a funding/financing gap. 


We believe that water equity is attainable. We believe that philanthropic capital can bridge the funding and financing  gaps keeping challenged communities from accessing clean water and sanitation.

The WaterFunder Donor Advised Fund (DAF) Program is an evergreen revolving-debt and grant solution designed to meet water infrastructure development needs of disadvantaged communities in the United States and its territories.  


The DAF Program distributes pooled contributions  from existing Donor Advised Fund assets sourced from Individuals, Family Offices, Corporations, Foundations, Private Funds. The DAF Program is a virtual foundation under a 501(c)-3 donor sponsor that can issue grants or make mission related investments into selected projects.

The  DAF Program has a mandate to financially support broadly defined water infrastructure projects. We will consider drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, recycled water, water storage and distribution projects in various stages of planning and development. Our goal is to accelerate the process and end the anxiety and social injustice of not having a safe and dependable source of water. Public, private, non profit organizations are encouraged to apply

Eligible Projects

More About the Program

Organizations can use already set aside charitable or ESG assets to support vulnerable communities for repeatable benefits. 

Communities with broadly defined water projects that are caught in the funding and financing gap are encouraged to apply

Donor Advised Funds are virtual foundations and are an excellent source of tax advantaged capital to support vulnerable communities

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