water funder daf program

Contribute to the WaterFunder DAF Program

The WaterFunder DAF Program is designed to bridge the funding and financing gap for disadvantaged communities in the US and its territories. Gifts to the evergreen revolving debt donor advised fund will put DAF assets to work to build resilient water infrastructure. As a virtual foundation, the WaterFunder DAF Program will identify, diligence, structure, and recommend funding and/or financing packages for eligible projects according to how they meet the 9 targeted UN Sustainability Goals and 3 Water Equity Pillars. The DAF Program will  advise the Donor Sponsor to issue a grant or below market rate loan in the form of Mission Related Investment. The principal and surplus from the loan will replenish the revolver for additional grants and loans for future projects. The Donors can customize the WaterFunder DAF Program to meet their organization’s mission.



  • Puts already set aside charitable funds to work for sustainable water equity.

  • Works like an asset reallocation .

  • Directly builds water infrastructure.

  • Contributions monitored by Technical Assistance experts.

  • Designed to facilitate continuous giving.

  • Measurable and repeatable impact.

  • Customizable to meet Donor’s mission.

The Donor Sponsor | SDG Impact Fund

The SDG Impact Fund is only one of 4 (of over 3000) Donor Advised Funds, and is the only Donor Advised Fund created by, and who’s executive director is, African American. With a combined track record of nearly a century of fundraising and capital leadership, our team has built trusted relationships around the globe across the key collective impact areas critical to achieving the 17 Global Goals. We have served in every continent at the highest levels of philanthropy and hybrid and creative financing; frontier and digital technology deployment; innovation, incubation and ecosystems delivery; creative storytelling and media; and network and systems facilitation and design for regenerative impact solutions at global, regional, and local levels.

 Our team has campaign experience with capital projects, hybrid financial structuring, grant writing, mobile giving, annual giving, planned giving, major giving, principal giving, and board and governance development for some of the world’s most respected nonprofits, impact investing and development entities, corporations, government and academic institutions, and private families and individuals. Working across diverse multi-stakeholder and complex fundraising and hybrid finance campaigns has enabled our team at SDGIF to master a wide range of transformative charitable financing and giving strategies, and to build a community of trusted expertise and collaboration around the world.

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