Recommend a Project for the Program

The WaterFunder DAF Program makes grants and below market loans to accelerate various types of projects with  pre construction, construction, asset management and capacity building funding or financing. Private, tribal, municipal and non profit system owners are eligible for the program. For project owners, the program framework will be a streamlined and simplified version of existing government grant and loan programs. The program highlights will include a sliding-scale eligibility process for principal forgiveness, no matching funds requirement, inclusive definition for project and community eligibility – including pre-construction and permits costs. The WaterFunder DAF Program will have rolling acceptance from an online application. Applicants will need to have a referral and support of a Technical Assistance provider as a requirement to participate in the program.

Partner Delivered Grant Management 

Our grant writing partners  specialize in grant writing - grant funding research, opportunity analysis, application development, budgets and grant management. 


They have written successful grant applications in support of water infrastructure, groundwater issues, water quality and quantity projects.  They are very familiar with the nuances of  water mains, tanks and treatment plant processes and equipment.

Their broad experience with integrated resources planning projects and water management throughout California, including projects in stormwater, bio-waste, wastewater and associated areas. 

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